Hydromax Pump Review

The Bathmate Extreme and Hydromax series of penile enlargement pumps are the newest set of additions to the line of Bathmate penis pumps. The Hydromax X30, for instance, is a fairly new addition to the other models currently offered. Many people agree that it is the best due to its powerful suction power. Although the manufacturers claim it is 30% stronger when compared to other models, it feels even stronger. The intensity of suction and strength all works to influence results. More suction translates to more blood flowing through your penile walls thereby causing significant expansion. Continue reading this Hydromax pump review to discover some of the amazing results it can produce.

The silicon gaiter is very soft and it is also made to contour to the body of the person wearing it. The pumping effect is so intense that you can even use it without water although hot water is recommended since it greatly improves results realized during the first time of use. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use it while taking a hot bath.

When it comes to size, this particular version is limited. So, if your penis size is more than 8.5 inches when erect, it is advisable that you opt for the Goliath model. The price is approximately $160 bucks which is actually quite affordable considering the benefits that the Bathmate Hydromax provides. Men who have used this particular penis enlargement pump attest to the fact that the pump has made a big difference.

The device is sold with a warranty of 12 months against cracks and breakages. So, if your device suddenly stops functioning properly as desired, you will be given a replacement at absolutely no cost. This goes to prove that the manufacturer stands behind the product. Hopefully, this Hydromax pump review makes it easy for you to make a purchase decision.

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