Penis enlargement exercises

Sometimes called male enhancement or penile enhancement, penis enlargement refer to a variety of techniques that are aimed at increasing the length, girth or erectile rigidity of human penis. Aside from pills, cosmetic creams and surgery, one common faction of male enhancement involves exercises.

Penis enlargement exercises
1. Weight loss: Being overweight/ obese causes the penis to be surrounded by fats, which makes it look smaller. By losing 15-20 pounds you will significantly decrease the amount of fat surrounding your penis making it look larger. Dedicating 30 minutes of your day to gut-whittling workouts such as crunches and sit-ups can help.

2.Weights: Weight exercises that involve attaching weights to the penis glans for purposes of stretching, can strengthen you penis. Also referred to as penis hanging, this technique can take many years to be effective . Small weight balls of about one ounce to one pound are attached to small strap which is then wrapped around penis glans. The weights should be used only once a week for one or two hours. This exercise is very dangerous and as such a physician should be consulted first.

3. Masturbation: Masturbating frequently without ejaculating will cause the penis tissues to increase in size and enlarge permanently. Practice various techniques in the way you hold your penis as well as the direction you pull on it. By bringing yourself to closer to the climax many times in one hour you will add extra girth to the penis and also build up your sexual stamina.

4. Jelq technique/ milking: Jelqing is one of the fastest and safest penis enlargement exercises. To do this exercise apply water-based lubricant e.g. Astroglide to the penis then slowly stroke the lubricant from the base of the penis to the glans while pressing/ squeezing tightly. Jelqing should be done once or twice a week when the penis is flaccid not erect.

Exercises are the best penis enlargement techniques. Apart from being natural they can easily be done at home as long as all the instructions are followed.