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There are many advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques available for treatment or urinary incontinence.  Many pharmaceutical companies have created new drugs and helpful products.  The Urology Resource Centre has many of these items on display for you to look at, and ask questions about, in a private, comfortable atmosphere.  They do not sell these products, but they can educate you about the different options available to you.    

Because incontinence is a symptom, and not a disease, the treatment that is correct for you depends on diagnosis by your doctor.  Diagnosis often includes a medical history and a thorough examination.  Laboratory tests, such as x-rays, blood test, urine tests, and tests on the bladder may be done.  

Sometimes simple changes in your diet, or the elimination of medications can cure incontinence.  Frequently, treatment includes a combination of medicine, biofeedback, kegel exercises, inserts or collection devices, and absorbent products.  

Even though there is such a high success rate in treating incontinence, only 1 out of every 12 people who are affected by bladder leakage seek help.  

The Urology Resource Centre wants to change that statistic.   If you are not comfortable going directly to your doctor, come to the Centre to discuss your symptoms, and learn more about incontinence.  

The professionals at the Urology Resource Centre can help you gain the confidence you need to get the treatment you deserve.